SEIA Nanaimo

Society for Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy

Supporting people impacted by systemic barriers

SEIA Nanaimo

Society for Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy

Supporting people impacted by systemic barriers

SEIA Nanaimo

Society for Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy

Supporting people impacted by systemic barriers

Important Service Update

Dear Clients, guests, community partners and friends,

To limit exposure to COVID 19 as of April 1 some services/staff will be working from home. This means that services and supports will be delivered via telephone and email and staff will do there best to accommodate your needs and requests. We will update the community with the phone numbers as we set our staff up to work remotely.

SEIA appreciates your patience and understanding as we make these changes.

Please note:

As of March 31, 2020 our temporary shelter located at St. Peters Parish will be closing for the year as scheduled.


Chantale Roelens

Executive Director, SEIA

Thank you to all the hard working people at Arbutus Distillery who are providing non-profit organizations such as SEIA with free hand sanitizer! (FYI: Sorry, they can't sell to the public at this point)

Our Vision

SEIA is a community-based organization that provides service and support through internal programs and external partnerships so that all persons impacted by systemic barriers are able to access the services, supports and benefits to which they are entitled regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, income, education, or family status and, as a result, experience enhanced health, well-being and social inclusion.

Contact SEIA

Phone: 250-753-2321

Women's Support Line:

114-285 Prideaux St.
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N2

About SEIA

SEIA represents the merging in 2019 of two long-standing, respected Nanaimo service providers: Nanaimo Citizens Advocacy (NCA) and The Nanaimo Women's Centre (NWC). Bringing these two organizations together under one name, one purpose and one vision provides the opportunity to offer comprehensive supports to clients throughout the Central Vancouver Island.

For news, events, and more, see SEIA on social media:

Our Mission

SEIA recognizes that many existing systems of power grant privilege and access unequally, and that equity is crucial to the long-term health of communities. To this end, SEIA works to support people impacted by systemic barriers who are most at risk at being excluded from society by providing: outreach; general and legal advocacy; crisis help; information, referrals and resource-planning; tenancy support; customized social and educational programming for youth and seniors; and by operating a women's centre where anyone identifying as female can access resources, support and social connection. We also work to build strategic partnerships with other service providers in the Central Vancouver Island community to ensure vulnerable people have increased access to wrap-around supports, community and connection.

Supporting SEIA

SEIA is a charity and gratefully accepts donations to support our work. Charity #133424523RR0001.

From Executive Director Chantale Roelens:

"I am endlessly grateful for our community's generosity; your donations make it possible for SEIA to support some of the most marginalized individuals to families, women and youth."

Donations may be made electronically by INTERAC e-Transfer:

Or through PayPal:

Or by cheque in-person or by mail.

Please make cheques out to "SEIA". Thank you!

Our address: 114-285 Prideaux St., Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N2.

Building materials for our new location!

In late spring/early summer 2020 we will be moving to new premises and are in need of building materials to finish and equip our space. Please contact us if you know of an organization who can help!

Phone: 250-753-2321.

In Memoriam: Beverley Wells

January 22, 2020

Beverley Wells
Nanaimo Women's Resources Society
Board Director 2007-2013

This week our community lost a wonderful woman-Beverley A. Wells. She died on January 16, 2020.

Beverley and I worked together on the Board of the Nanaimo Women's Resources Society for 6 years. Beverley, during her tenure, made a significant contribution to the Nanaimo Women's Centre.

She was, in fact, the engine behind a major restructuring and rebooting of the Women's Centre.

A bit of history:

She started out as a volunteer at the Centre, when it was in the little house on Prideaux in 2006. Then, in 2007, she joined the Board.

That year the Women's Centre went into a pretty serious crisis. And that is when Beverley gathered her 'troops' together, hired Lesley Clarke as ED (Lesley went on to grow and guide and lead The Women's Centre for the next 11 years) - oversaw other hiring, tackled the re-writing and addition of a number of By-laws and helped to establish a (relatively) stable Board of Directors for the Nanaimo Women's Resources Society.

During this time she conscripted me to join the board and quickly we became a dynamic duo- President (me) and Vice-President (Beverley). I cannot begin to describe the pleasure and honour of working with Beverley on the many challenges we were handed during these years. During this time we found ourselves engaged with our community. The work felt important and useful. It was wonderful. I learned so much from her. We all benefited greatly every meeting from her clarity and focus. With Beverley's leadership we all worked together-staff and new board-to build a supportive, constructive and stable environment so the important work of the Centre could continue.

This work was all done with her quiet ferocity, tenacity and needed (and much appreciated) gravitas. As she said of herself, she was pragmatic and practical by nature. This nature, and her professional and business approach to things were awe inspiring.

And Beverley was fun too-she loved doing lunch and drinking wine at the Coast Bastion-and basically thought we should be doing one or the other all the time. And one time-she hit the dance floor at the Queen's at a fundraiser!

Beverley and I became good friends. I'm missing her so much already. But so grateful to have known her.

One thing too. Beverley was a really loyal friend. When she was your friend, you really had someone in your camp. Someone who would root for you and encourage you. It's really great to have someone like Beverley in your camp. It makes a difference.

Beverley made a difference.

Myra Thomson
Board Director
The Nanaimo Women's Resources Society


Beverley was such a good listener, so supportive and strong.

Beverley was quiet, but attentive. She always seemed to grasp the most vital, important parts of an issue. When she spoke, her words were carefully considered and to the point. She could be blunt but pulled no punches about what she knew and thought. She spoke when she had something to say and kept quiet when comments would only belabour a point or cause hurt or harm. I learned a great deal from her, but I still talk too much!

Beverley had so much experience with doing the right thing as an administrator. She was a guiding light for all of us. It was a privilege to watch her remain true to her values and support the work of the Women's Centre and the people who made that work happen.

Sylvia Malthouse
Board Director
The Nanaimo Women's Resources Society


Beverley Wells was an unfaltering supporter of the Nanaimo Women's Resources Society. After two years on staff at the Women's Centre I was hired as the executive director, and Beverley was determined that I would receive the support I needed to take on demanding work during difficult times. I admired her quiet resolve to guide the board through challenging decisions, prepare for growth, and celebrate accomplishments. During our working partnership I depended on Beverley to listen with great care and to always tell me exactly what she was thinking. After Beverley retired from the board I continued to benefit as her friend from her wisdom, compassion, and honesty.

Beverley changed the lives of many women and I was very fortunate to be one.

Lesley Anne Clarke
Staff member and Executive Director
The Nanaimo Women's Resources Society
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SEIA Nanaimo
SEIA - Society for Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy

Phone: 250-753-2321 | 114-285 Prideaux St., Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N2 | Women's Resource & Support Line: 250-753-0633